Questions and answers

Questions regarding hosting

1. What is the procedure of domain name registration?

At the moment, when gets your application for domain registration, prepayment bill is sent out. Domain name is registered right after the payment of the bill.

2. In what period of time domain name is registered?

Domain registration happens in few minutes, but the time between registration and activation of domain can be up to 24 - 48 hours, which is connected to periods of DNS server record updates.

3. What happens if I have already paid for domain name, but it is taken?

You can choose - can pay you back registration fee, or you can register another domain name.

4. Is domain registered on the name of the client?

Yes. Domain is registered on the name of the client. works with domain administration, if client doesn’t choose to use his own DNS servers.

5. Where the domain name is registered?

Domain names are registered with mediation of different ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited companies, with which has partnership.

6. If I have made a mistake and registered wrong domain name, can it be changed?

Regrettably no. Domain name or home page new addresses registration cannot be cancelled, and paid money cannot be gained back. Because of this advises to carefully think over domain name before registering it.