Registration of other domains

Domain name registration and gaining of usage rights for certain time, happens after application for domain name is submitted, accepted, and domain name usage rights are paid for.


It is only possible to register a name, which is free at the moment of request submission.


Choice of name:

  • Symbols usable in domain name are Latin alphabet letters (upper case and lower case letters are the same).
  • Within domain name cannot be used Latvian alphabet letters with diacritical signs (ā, ē, ī, ū, ō, ķ, ļ, ņ, ŗ, ģ, š, č, ž ). These letters must be substituted with other letters, for example, with the matching letter without a diacritical sign.


The order of domain registration:

  • To register domain you need to fill the registration form.
  • While registering domains, which are not located in .lv zone, „Datateks” Ltd. requires prepayment. Bill will be sent through e-mail, fax or mail (depending on what was written in registration form).


* „Datateks” Ltd. doesn’t carry responsibility in situations, when between the time of filling the registration forma and receiving payment the domain name you want is already registered. In these cases „Datateks” Ltd. offer you to register another domain name or get your money back.


Prolonging the term of domain usage:

  • If payment is not done in time, „Datateks” Ltd. doesn’t prolong domain usage rights, and company which registers domains, is allowed to delete domain name from data base.
  • If payment time is missed, then you still have a chance to get back your domain by paying fine of 100 LVL in time of 2 weeks.


* Domain user is responsible for timely payments. Not getting the bill cannot be considered a justifying reason for not making payments in the set time period.
* Client is responsible of informing about change of his requisites.