DNS Administration

By using the domain administration panel, individual NS, A and MX records may be defined for each domain. This administration panel will help perfectly when working with clients who require the administration of multiple sub-domains, where they are stored on various servers and their IP addresses may change. The panel will also be useful for clients who wish to store their e-mail on a different server (for instance, gmail.com).
Panel screenshot:
The DNS panel is offered to all clients who are already using any of our hosting services. For instance, if you have acquired your domain from us, or if you use hosting or virtual server services. Each client on the panel is assigned their domains according to the number of domains they have acquired, or the number of domains that is adequate for the hosting plan.
Virtual server users are assigned the following plans:
  Vserver 1 Vserver 2 Vserver 3 Vserver 4 Vserver 5
Number of domains on the DNS panel 3 5 7 10 15
In order to be able to administer the domains by means of the administration panel, NS records shall be installed on the following servers: ns1.serveris.lv and ns2.serveris.lv.
If you wish to use the administration panel, please send a request via e-mail.